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Frozen Frenzy Princess Elsa Cake

I hopped on board the Frozen frenzy and made this Princess Elsa cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday.

For almost a year my daughter had been talking about wanting a “castle” cake which I had been mentally planning. Then Frozen came along….well, we all know what happened with Frozen…it took over the world!…and my daughter’s world and her imagination. She now wanted an “Elsa” cake. So, I thought, how can I incorporate her year running request for a castle in combination with Elsa…and my mind started working.

I am not a professional cake decorator, but since my daughter was born I have created her birthday cakes (butterfly, Elmo, and Hello Kitty). These were all sheet cake designs so I knew this would be bigger in every way. I googled a few ideas but nothing seemed exactly right for me. They were either too simple or too complicated, so I compiled several ideas and set to work.

I think I spent almost $30 on various sparkly and glittery blue and white sprinkles plus rock candy from the local candy shop for the perfect added touch. Luckily I coupon, and so the cost put into the cake mixes, butter, and sugar were minimal. By best estimate it took me 10-12 hours to complete the cake.

I made “glass” candy to add some frozen flare. Then when it was almost done it seemed to be lacking something still so I took sugar cones and transformed them into snow covered trees with frosting and powdered sugar. It was so much bigger than necessary for her fairly small party, but worth every square inch and pound of creation.

It’s been several months, but if memory serves me, I think it took 7 cake mixes total. It weighed over 21 pounds. My daughter LOVED it. I think the joy on her face speaks for itself. And she wanted me to add “because it was Elsa in it, and Anna, and Olaf, and Hans, and you know, the reindeer *puts hand antlers up to head* whatever it is….I loved it as much as the whole world”.

Next year she wants Charlotte’s Web. I’m mentally preparing! :) Hope you have enjoyed my story as much as we all enjoyed the experience…from prep, to creation, to reaction, to enjoying! The cake tasted great too!

Frozen Frenzy Princess Elsa Cake

Frozen Frenzy Princess Elsa Cake