I made this fun little mermaid cake for my little girl’s 4th birthday. She loves the Little Mermaid so I “designed” this cake for her. Since her party was going to be small the bottom cake is a Styrofoam cake dummy. But I still decorated both.

For the base cake I covered it with teal fondant. Then rolled out some more fondant and cut circles using the back of a cake decorating tip. Then I layered them doing one row at a time. Every other row was in between the one below it to give it the fish scale look.

The top of the cake was iced with regular butter cream icing tinted peach (was supposed to be a little lighter to look like sand. The very top had crushed graham crackers mixed with sugar to give it a sparkle and give the texture of sand. I made the shells on the side with a mold and vanilla almond bark tinted purple. Then I placed the figurines on top. All the girls were super excited and I was quite proud.