Cool Homemade Robot Cakes

I copied this Robot cake from a gallery of cake designs on this wonderful site. I used an 8×8 for the head, 9×13 for the body and Twinkies for the arms and legs. I connected everything with Red vines, decorated with gray frosting (looked like metal) and decorated with candy. We named the robot after my son and put my son’s first initial and age on the cake. He loved it!

More Cool Robot Cakes

Cake by Jake S., Salinas, CA

Robot Cake

When we moved to California I decorated my son’s room in vintage tin robots. He soon learned to say “bo-bot” and knew I wanted him to have a robot birthday cake so I started to search the internet for examples and couldn’t find anything even close to the image I had in my mind. His birthday was soon approaching and with no cake pictures online to work with I drew out the cake as I saw it in my mind and worked up a way to make it myself.

Robot Cake

It’s basically the “bust” of the robot. The “ears” are sour gummies sticking out; the “bulb” on top of his head is a green ring pop and the rest is just colored buttercream icing. I’m happy to add it to this gallery of cake designs.

Cake by Angie V., Chandler, AZ

Robot Cake

My son was really into robots so I made this robot cake for his third birthday! I made two square cakes, one for the body and the other I cut up for the feet, etc. The candy all over the robot was a hit also, I bought store butter cream and added black coloring till it was a metallic color!

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