Hi all, here’s my golf themed cake I did for a 50th birthday for a male. I tried to incorporate a few of the elements that go with golf – the green, the argyle pattern on the base tier to represent the golf sweater, the golf cart (my favorite) and bag and ball. Then there is also sand for the bunkers.

I think this might be my neatest cake so far, and a huge achievement for me. The sizes are 35cm (14′) and 25cm (10″). The golf cart took hours and hours to make. I had to work out the size and I was super super nervous about the possible outcome so I really took my time with it. Being white I was also nervous about it getting soiled in some way. I used a large rectangular cutter to cut the canopy from rolled fondant mixed with quite a bit of tylose to ensure it gets nice and hard to be sturdy enough to sit on top. It was only after that I learnt about pastillage.

The golf ball is a polystyrene dummy ball that I cut in half and covered with thick fondant, then used a ball tool to make the indents. I think one of the “fails” on this cake is the golf bag. It should have been taller and could have been more detailed, since I went all out with the other figurines. To me it lacked realism and it was a bit untidy. All the logos are edible prints. The flag pole is a skewer painted silver and the sticks holding up the canopy on the cart is also skewers, painted black.

The other fail is the argyle pattern. I didn’t know how to properly use the extruder so I piped it on. If I had just waited a couple of minutes for the extruded fondant to become more stable I would have been able to manage. Instead I tried to use it immediately after extruding but it was too slack and kept breaking. That’s when I applied my less than desirable piping.

Overall I think it all turned out very well and the recipient was super excited!