My little girl was turning 6 and decided she would like a butterfly themed party.  Making homemade cakes is my twice a year hobby (I have 2 kiddos).  So I began searching the usual sites for idea, yes, this site was my first stop :-).   I considered using some of the ideas found here, but then I found some beautiful edible butterflies online and loved the idea of a elegant and easy cake.  I used 4 boxes of cake mix to make two 10″ layers and two 6″ layers.  I frosted them with homemade strawberry buttercream frosting, tinted light blue (her pick not mine, I thought light yellow would look pretty).  I froze the layers so they were easy to trim and frost.  After stacking the layers and frosting the cake I added a row of small candy butterflies around the cake as trim, then the fun part began.  The butterflies arrived flat, so I bent the wings to give them a life-like appearance and dab a bit of frosting on them and simply stuck them on the cake, easy and fun!  I decided to put them on by color to create a rainbow effect and swirled them up the cake to make a pretty sash-like shape.  My daughter spotted some flower candles at the store, which we used on top.  Everyone at the party thought the cake was beautiful and my birthday girl couldn’t have been more pleased!