Gummy Bear Birthday Cake

My nephew loved to go online and watch the gummy bear song, So we decided that would be a cool theme for his birthday, and since they didn’t sell decorations or anything for it we had to make everything ourselves.

I baked a rectangle 9×13 double layer cake. I had a Wilton bear shape pan and baked that. I frosted the rectangle cake but not too much on top because i knew I had to re shape the bear. I put the bear cake on top and cut the arms to make it skinnier and the legs to make those skinnier, with cutting and reshaping the bear to look like the gummy bear I saved what I cut to make the shoes and hands. Once shaped I used white frosting and the tinted that with the Wilton food coloring in the little bottle (color: leaf green). For the stubble on his face I used Wilton light green sugar sprinkles.

The best part was everyone especially my nephew loved his cake.