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Cool Homemade Hamburger Cake

For this hamburger cake we just used two yellow 9” round cakes and one more out of devil’s food cake. We frosted the bottom “bun” with frosting that we food colored to make bun-colored.

To get that bun color, we used some red, a lot of yellow, and just a drop or two of green. We then frosted the “meat” with chocolate frosting and placed it on top of the bottom bun. We just used red and green frosting for the lettuce and ketchup.

For the lettuce I used a decorating tip to give it texture. We then frosted the top “bun” and placed it on the very top. Finally, for the “sesame seeds” we used sliced almonds for a deliciously good crunch.

It looked awesome and it was also super fun to make! I suggest this cake for anyone who wants to have an awesome time!

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  1. Wow! I made this cake and it was so enjoyable! Mine didn’t turn out quite as well as the one in the picture, but it was pretty cute! Delicious too! I tried to make french fries with some of the left over cake mix, but it did NOT work! If anyone thinks they can just cut a cake into smaller pieces for fries, I would strongly advise AGAINST doing so!


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