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Hannah Montana Music Cake

I’m 12 years old and I love to bake cakes for my family and friends. This cake was for a little girl turning 8, who wanted Hannah Montana. I had a lot of fun making it. I started with four chocolate cakes made from a box. Two large, two small. I icinged a larger one with light lavender buttercream frosting and then placed the 2nd larger one on top. I icinged the rest and then placed the 2 smaller ones on top. I icinged the whole cake light lavender and then placed a viva paper towel on the cake and slighty patted it to make it look smooth. To make the the music notes I used a small round tip and made three wavy lines around the bottom layer only. Then used a medium sized round tip to make stars. For the butterflies I used round tips, I outlined butterflies then filled them in with the Hannah Montana colors, I also made polka dots & snowflake like things for extra girliness. I then made the roses out of icing which I probably would have done differently but it was my first time making roses. I added the finishing touches with bright green leaves, neon pink border, and writing happy birthday on the top. I hope you all enjoy my cake and it was very easy to make as long as you make sure you bake the cakes a little longer for extra strength.

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  1. Hi, Annaleese! I’m 12 years old, too, and I also love to make cakes! You certainly did a wonderful job!!! Do you have any other cakes featured on this site? I’d love to see them! Have fun with future cakes!!!


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