Cool Hagrid Cake from Harry Potter

I made this Harry Potter cake for my son’s 9th birthday.

The way I made it was I made a few cakes different sizes and stacked them with icing as my glue. I had to place a dowel down the middle to support it. I then carved the odd shape with a knife. This tends to get messy. Then I frosted it. It doesn’t need to be smooth or crumb-less since it will be covered with fondant.

I kneaded the fondant with some warmed up tootsie rolls and cocoa powder. It needs to be kneaded quite a bit to disperse the color. Keep it covered when not in use. I like to roll out the fondant on a mat. Don’t worry about making it perfect since it’s supposed to have creases in it. Make sure to shape Hagrid’s face so that you can highlight it later. Also make sure to have the cake on a big enough board to have the brim.

This cake can become very heavy so have good support. I used black petal dust that you can find at a good cake supply shop or on line to highlight the face and make it look old and dirty. Everyone loved this cake.

It took me about 6 hours from baking to finishing. I would bake the cake a day ahead. Fresh cake is harder to carve.

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