Haunted House

I made this cake for my daughter’s Halloween party for her grade 1 class party at school.

The house is made out of homemade gingerbread that I made and cut out from a template I drew on cardboard and the cake is a homemade pound cake.

Be sure to use lots of icing to assemble your gingerbread house. Also let it dry for at least 6 hours before placing on the base cake. The tree was a plastic tree from the local store. I made the pumpkin patch from candy pumpkins. I also used plastic rocks. Candy corn was also used for decorating.

You need to use a very heavy cake for the base as the gingerbread house is heavy and will sink down into the base if the bottom is not a heavy cake. The black icing is very messy as the color seems to stain your fingers.

Jelly beans were also used as decorations.

The cake was a huge hit and now I have been appointed the official cake maker for all occasions for school.

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