Hawaiian Minion Birthday Cake

I was requested to make a Minion cake for a friend’s daughter and was put to the challenge of making it look like a Minion from Hawaii. This is the result I came up with.

  • I used two 15 cm. round cakes and cut them both into three layers, filling them with a vanilla cream and strawberry jam.
  • On top I put a cake baked in a 15 cm. diameter bowl. I sliced this one into three layers as well, also filling it up with the vanilla cream and strawberry jam.
  • Before stacking the cakes up, I put a thin wooden pin (a chopstick from Chinese Take Out) in the bottom cake, that runs all the way up to the top cake to keep it stable and centered.
  • Once the cakes where stacked, I put on a layer of butter cream frosting and covered the cakes with a yellow fondant.
  • For decorations I used basic fondant cutters for the leaves at the bottom (skirt) and flowers on top (hair).
  • The goggles I made out of white fondant and added a bit of Tylose to harden it and painted it with an edible silver paint.
  • The coconut bra was made out of a Styrofoam ball of approximately 7 cm., cut in half and covered in brown fondant. I put a few toothpicks in it so that it would hold its place.

The birthday girl was very happy with this beautiful cake.