I made this Hello Kitty cake for my sister’s seventeenth birthday. She’s the biggest Hello Kitty fan ever! :) I used the idea of the Hello Kitty cake already shown on this site.

This cake is a 2-layer cake 8″ round. I made it with a funfetti cake mix using a lemon filling. I frosted it with a pink buttercream frosting and white for the Hello Kitty head with yellow for the beading around the edges. I then used a variation of a buttercream frosting that substituted crisco for the butter.

I traced Hello Kitty’s image onto the frosting and filled it with a star tip. I used jellybeans for the flower and black icing for the eyes and whiskers.

The hardest part of making this cake was getting the proportions of Hello Kitty’s face just right. I just about ruined the nose, because my frosting was a little too thick to shape!