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Homemade Bubblegum Machine Cake with Over 60 Cake Balls!

My fiancé and I had a great time making this homemade bubblegum machine cake for my niece’s 4th birthday! We carried the theme throughout the whole party; with homemade decorations, homemade games (pin the gum ball in the machine) crafts, bubblegum photo board (we made it look the kids were trapped in the gum machine) and take home gifts… all bubblegum machine based.

The cake itself took a day to bake and 3 more to make. My fiancé did all the sculpting, icing and fondant for the machine while I spent 3 days on the bubblegum cake balls. I have to admit, I lost my love for cake balls after this project! But it was all worth it when the birthday girl saw the cake! Her jaw dropped and she immediately asked for money to get the gum!

We explained that it was all cake except for the plastic container and she responded, “Um, I think we need to open it now, take the lid off so we can have cake!”

I told her that the lid was cake too and her eyes nearly popped out of her head. “This is super awesome,” she said, and then she stated, “I thought I’d just get a flat cake that had some gum in the icing!”

Who knew I could’ve gotten away with doing a slab cake with some gum balls on it! Lol! Leave it to adults to complicate things :) …When my niece first asked for a bubblegum party, I wondered how we were going to pull it off. Pinterest and Google sure came in handy this time and so did the fiancé ;)

Some themes just plan themselves, but bubblegum machine wasn’t as easy. It probably took us a week to figure out the logistics of the cake and to eat all that candy (we certainly couldn’t just bag it up for later consumption)! The decor and games, etc. were easy, but time consuming. All the little things added up to make for one spectacular party! :)