Homemade Mario Birthday Cake

My grandson Michael had his 6th birthday and wanted a Mario Bros. birthday cake. So I decided to deliver his wish with a three tiered birthday cake. Michael’s request was Strawberry and Chocolate Cake and the rest was left up to Grandma. I made a Marshmallow fondant draping the bottom layers of the cake. I colored the fondant blue for the top layer of the cake to resemble the sky with marshmallow’s for clouds.

I added Mario Bros. character candies power mushrooms, bombs, gold coins and stars. Mario and friends are Pez containers that helped support the top layer of the cake. Laffy Taffy was the border around each layer. Michael’s eyes were as big as the coins on the cake. I wanted Michael to love this cake as much as I love him. Plus all the children got to eat all of the candy in the cake.

His reaction: Grandma…this Is the bestest birthday cake ever!