I was up all night doing my son’s cake.  You see I ask my boys what kind of cake they want every year. Kevin is in Nov 17 and Hunters is in Jan. So I make Kevin’s cake 1st every year. He asked for a monster truck cake. So I made him one for his 9th birthday, he was soo happy that day. I had his cake in mud icing, with monster trucks. Five different parts to it and on every cake there was a truck with a small car under the monster trucks.

Also my mom and grandmother really liked my cake. All the kids loved it, my son was really happy! He asked me, Mom, how did you do that, I said magic. He said thank you mom for my cake. I love making homemade cakes. It makes me happy to see it done. Next month I will make Kevin a skateboard cake. He wants to have a skateboard cake. And I cant wait to make it for my son who will be 10 or I might just to a Lego cake, will see.