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Homemade Pink Camo Cake

This birthday cake was made for a friends daughter who loves camo! It is a standard 2 layered round chocolate cake, covered with a buttercream crumb coat and rolled Marshmallow Fondant. The MMF was tinted three different colors, grey, light pink and dark pink. It took one large batch of MMF to cover the entire cake, I left a small amount untinted to add the 4th color to the camo!

Marshmallow fondant is a tasty and easy to make version of fondant. It simply takes 16 oz of marshmallows and a bag and a half of icing sugar. Melt the marshmallows in a large glass bowl in the microwave( make sure bowl is greased with Crisco)with 3TBSP of water. It takes about 1 1/2 minutes, once melted start stirring in the sifted icing sugar. Keep adding sugar until it resembles a stiff dough. It shouldn’t be too sticky, you may have to grease your hands with Crisco to knead the dough until it is smooth. At this point knead in your coloring!

For this cake I tore the 4 colors up into small chunks and put them in a pile and then rolled them out flat so that the colors would blend a little bit.

Crumb coat your cake with Buttercream icing then cover with the rolled out fondant. Don’t use too much Buttercream icing for the crumb coat or your fondant will appear uneven. Smoothe fondant onto the cake gently using your hand and a smoother. Add any decorations that you would like. I used a hand rolled pearl border made from a little bit of left over fondant as well a bow and a hand stamped plaque for the message.

My friends daughter loved the cake!

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