Homemade Pooh Baby Shower Cake

I made this Pooh Baby Shower Cake for my cousin’s new baby. He was a twin and his brother passed away at birth, this is why there is an angel on the top laying on a cloud. Evan spent 72 days in the NICU, that is why the cake says Welcome Home.

I started by baking 2 14″ yellow cakes, 2 10″ chocolate cakes and 2 6″ yellow cakes. I then filled them with vanilla custard and refrigerated them to set up. I don’t use fondant for my cake coverings, I use rolled buttercream instead. I tinted it the light cornflower blue and covered the cake.

I then took white fondant and colored it to match all the classic Pooh characters and sculpted the figures myself using clip art pictures as reference. I let the figures dry and then used cut bamboo skewers to attach them to the cake. I then used my grass tip to pipe grass around them and the drop flower tip to add some blooms.

Everyone at the shower really enjoyed it!

Baby Shower Cake

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