This rainbow birthday cake was so fun to make! I started with a 9″ round pan and ended up making SIX layers of cake!  I used buttercream frosting between the layers and to frost the outside.  Because it was really tall, I needed to use wooden dowels in the cake to keep it from tipping.  LOL,  Then, I made fondant and colored it in the six rainbow colors.

I used various cookies cutters and placed them on the cake in six “pie shaped” areas.  I was so pleased with how it turned out…except for them it came time to cut the cake.  I like to make my cakes moist, so they are not very dense.  The cake was 8″ tall, so cutting a piece of cake without having it fall to one side was VERY difficult.  But everyone at the party didn’t care how their slice of cake ended up on their plate.  It tasted great and was a big hit.