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Homemade Tri Tip Cake

The tri tip cake was created for Cornerstone Community Church’s Annual Tri Tip cook-off. Desserts are donated and sold to go with the meals. My husband and I was looking to help out but were not able to volunteer that day, so we decided to put together a cake that looks like a piece of tri tip on a cutting board to donate.

The cutting board and tri-tip are simply marble cakes that have been stacked and covered with buttercream icing and fondant. The large rectangular cake used for the cutting board had to be leveled, frosted and covered with fondant. A similar sized cake was cut and staked to create an appropriate height then was carved to the box shape with rounded corners. This cake was frosted and covered with fondant before it was staked on the large rectangle that made up the cutting board. Red and Brown gel food coloring was diluted with water to make edible paint and the cutting board and piece of tri tip was painted as with water colors. The knife was shaped from fondant and painted with black food coloring and silver dust damped with lemon juice. The silver dust can be dampened with vodka or any clear liquid that will evaporate. A popsicle stick was placed under the handle of the knife to keep it sticking out straight. Unfortunately, this was an afterthought, so I did not get to place a stick under the blade to keep it from bending along the cutting board before it stuck to the cutting board. If you dampen the fondant a little the fondant knife will stick to it well.

Initially, I was going to use crispy cereal and marshmallow treats covered in fondant to create a couple of slices of tri tip to lay on the cutting board, but I made the rice crispy treats too brittle to be able to cut them small enough.

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