Cool Homemade Horse Cake

I made this horse cake for my niece’s 1st birthday. I downloaded the rocking horse picture from Wilton’s website and cut the shape on a polystyrene sheet.

I inserted a small piece of cake at the bottom of the horse so that the birthday girl can cut the cake! For the mane and the tail I used the cotton thread.I used a basic butter cream for the icing.

We really enjoyed the birthday party,and everyone loved the cake.

4 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Horse Cake”

  1. I would love to make his cake for my little girl’s 2nd birthday. It is going to be a pony theme. Can you give more details? Thanks!

  2. Hey I love this cake idea! I have some more questions…sorry. I really want to make this cake for my daughters first birthday!!

  3. I’m throwing a baby shower for my daughters first baby and my first grand child , I have looked every where for a stand up rocking horse CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT THE PAN AND HOW YOU MADE THIS CAKE,
    Thanks, BETH

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