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Cool Taco-Shaped Birthday Cakes

I made this for a Mexican themed birthday party we had at my office. I don’t know how to make cakes so went online for ideas. I cut a 10″ round cake in half. I then put one piece on top of the other and carved each piece a little bit to get the shape I wanted. I put the excess cake between the two halves to help prop up the top piece.

I then covered the whole thing in fondant and used a paint brush and brown coloring to make the shell detail. I made the lettuce, tomatoes and cheese out of fondant and placed them in between the halves. This was a big hit at the office.

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Cake by Jenny H., Shawnee, OK

Taco Cake

Our son was turning 10 and asked us if we could make him a cake that looked like tacos. We had no idea how to make cakes that looked like tacos so we looked on this site and found three different ones. We picked the one that we thought looked like what he would like and made it. He is a messy taco eater so we made it look like the fixings were falling out.

I baked (two) 9×13 cakes and laid them side by side and frosted them. Then I made two 9″ sponge cakes for the tacos themselves. As soon as the sponge cakes came out of the oven I laid them over a loaf of French bread to form the taco shape. It took them about 45 min to cool. Once they were cool my husband decorated them. He held them in his hand and added chocolate frosting, then cake crumbs, orange icing then green tinted coconut. Then he placed them on the cake and we sprinkled some coconut around on the cake. This cake was very simple and not very time consuming.

Cake by Niya D., Richmond, VA

Taco Cake

This is a vegan taco cake that I made for my friend’s 30th birthday fiesta! There are no animal products in this cake which made it a little difficult at first. I got great ideas on how to make cakes from the other taco cakes on this site. The cake is chocolate peanut butter and was made by baking two 9″ round cakes and cutting them in half after they cooked.

I generously spread peanut butter on the halves and sandwiched them together and then frosted it with homemade chocolate icing and placed them down on their cut edge. I then dyed and added Oreo cookie crumbs to the fondant for the taco shell and then wrapped it around the cake. The ‘meat’ is crushed Oreo cookie mixed with icing, the lettuce is sour gummy straws, the sour cream is white fondant, the cheese is dyed orange fondant that I chilled in the fridge and then grated and the tomatoes are cut up red dots!

Cake by Amy R., Shreveport, LA

Taco Cake

My daughter’s friend was having a big 15th birthday party and her father (whom I work with) asked me if I know how to make cakes with a “Mexican” theme (her favorite food is Mexican). I came up with this!

I made the tacos out of homemade jelly roll cake mix baked in round pans (10 inch I believe). I chopped up some chocolate sprinkles and mixed them into the batter for the dark flecks. (I cooled them draped over a loaf of French bread!) The base cake was chocolate 15 x 19 (took two cake mixes but I kept out and baked 3-4 cupcakes worth in a separate pan for the “meat” in the tacos).

I frosted the base cake smooth while the jelly roll cakes were cooling. I placed the cooled jelly roll rounds on the frosted base and placed a large portion of chocolate frosting about 1/2 way up the rounds and then crumbled the small chocolate cake into the rounds and pressed them into the frosting. The lettuce and cheese are butter cream frosting using different tips. The tomatoes are maraschino cherries. It was a huge hit!! In fact the father was showing pictures of it at work the next day!

Cake by Christi S., Carson City, NV

Taco Cake

My nephew loves tacos. Each year on his birthday he tries to eat as many tacos as his age. His record is 10 tacos. This year I decided to make him a taco cake. I searched around for ideas for how to make cakes and then designed my own.

I baked a 10 inch round cake and cut it in half. I made marshmallow fondant icing for the tortilla. I tinted it with yellow and added some cookie crumbs to make it speckled.

The ground beef is crumbled cookies too. I used marshmallow Circus Peanuts to make the cheese. I flattened them with my rolling pin and cut them into strips with my scissors. I used a few drops of green food coloring and a small amount of water and mixed it with coconut to make the lettuce. I cut up maraschino cherries for the tomatoes and used fluffy white icing for the sour cream. It was a big hit at the party.