Jake and Never Land Pirates Cake

For my son’s 4th birthday party we did a “Disney”, Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme.  The cake, pirate-ships and dress up pirate costumes were a huge hit with the kids!  For the cake base, I started with two sheet cakes; one yellow and the other devils food chocolate.

After icing the cake with a smooth finish, I started to trace the Jake character on rice paper.  I then used a size 16 star tip to pipe the colored icing on the rice paper like coloring with crayons.  Make sure to outline your picture with black or white icing using a #3 tip before filling in the pictures with stars.  I then free handed a pirate map, filled with stars and added the words with #3 tip.

My son’s name is “Jake” so I worded the title “Jake, “our” Neverland Pirate”.  Finish the cake off with a dashed trail to the big red “X” that marks the treasure spot.  My son loved this cake as you can see by his huge adorable  smile!