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James Bond 006 6th Birthday Cake

When movies come out my children change all previous planning for their birthdays. We had seen a cake similar to this, but had to create this from memory. This 006 birthday cake was pretty simple up until the “bomb”. I did do 3-8″ layers of white cake with chocolate filling to look more substantial  white butter cream with black and red fondant details. Red and black take so much food coloring to get true colors that I buy them premade.

I do not have a ball cake mold so I took the smallest Pyrex bowl I have and cooked two halves of the “bomb” then glued them together with butter cream.  I did have to do some trimming to get it round. Then I crumb coated the whole thing, rolled out a huge round black  circle (release it from the counter top before trying to adhere to the cake) and placed the crumb coated ball in the center. I then just gathered it rather like a dumpling. I did cut away the excess and I did have air bubbles that I used a needle to rid.

I have little experience with fondant but this turned out pretty well. I just made sure the bottom was the gathered side of the fondant and no one could see it. I used a bendy straw covered in fondant for the fuse. I printed out the “006” and logo from the movie and used it for a pattern to cut out the rest. My son loved it!

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