I made this Japanese Cherry Blossom cake  for a friend’s daughter who was celebrating her first birthday. She was born in Japan during the cherry blossom season so her mom was using that as a theme for her first birthday. I was thrilled when she asked me to make the cake and have it match the invitations.

My thrill turned to worry pretty quickly when I thought about how important first birthdays are and how this cake had to be perfect. This being one of my first real cakes I was still rather inexperienced with fondant so it took a long time to make. The cake and icing were both made from scratch and the fondant was tinted and cut to match the party invitations. The top section of the cake was removed so the little girl could have her own cake to dig into. Everyone was pleased with how it turned out and it set me on a mission to create as many cakes as I could have  fondant until I mastered it’s use.