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Jaylie’s 2nd Birthday Dora Cake

I made this cake for my grand daughter Jaylie’s 2nd birthday. I used 2 Betty Crocker white cake mixes and made 2 10 inch rounds and 2 8 inch rounds and placed them on the 10 inch and a 8 inch plastic plates that go with the pillars. I made 12 cups of Wiltons buttercream icing recipe. I iced both the 10 inch and the 8 inch with white and then sprayed them with blue food coloring spray that I bought at the craft store in the cake decorating section. I then made big clouds in the center of both cakes. I had bought all the figures at Wal-mart in the toys section and placed them in the center of the cakes on top of the clouds.

I then decorated the layers with rainbows and flowers on the bottom layer,and butterflies,and small clouds on the top layer. I colored the icing in red, yellow, pink,and lavender.For the bodies of the butterflies I used Wiltons tube of black gel icing. For the rainbows and butterflies I used tip #18 and for the flowers and clouds I used tip #12. The pillars I used are the ones that you just push down into the cake.They are very easy to used. I then put the top layer on the pillars. The topper was a Dora bathtub toy that I found in the toy section and I placed her in the middle of the cloud on the top layer. The candles were stars that I got at the craft store in the Dora section of the cake decorating section.

I then wrote Happy Birthday Jaylie using tip #2 in the lavender icing. For the border,I used the shell design using tip #21. It was a big hit at the party and Jaylie loved it. Her 3 year old sister said “Oh Grammy, Jaylie’s cake is adorable” so to me that is all that mattered!

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