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Junior’s Jungle Diaper Cake Survived the Storm

 Well, this was my first diaper cake and it was made on a whim!  This cake was just put together with odds and ends around the house and some baby toys picked up at Target last minute. Yes, you know the story, you feel bad for a coworker and she baits you in to do her baby shower which is at a pavilion in a park.  Needless to say Florida weather… can be unpredictable   Well, after going back and forth on a theme…meaning yes, she kept changing her mind.

She finally wanted a baby jungle theme with a very very limited budget. So, I got my laptop out, YouTubed how to make a diaper cake and well started rolling up diapers one by one and rubber banding them. Then I make cakes so I used a cake circle for the base. After shoving wooden dollies in the cake (not as easy as you would think) to hold the cake together, I took out my trusty glue gun and let my creative side flow… and well this was the end product.

The hardest part… hmm rolling up all those freak’n diapers.. the coolest part… not only her facial expression but every child and mom and dad stopped and wowed the baby diaper cake and kept asking who made the cake.  The best part is that it is 2 years later and she still has the diaper cake and refuses to take it apart.

Junior's Jungle Diaper Cake Survived the Storm

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