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Coolest Henry the Octopus from Wiggles Kid Cake Ideas

Henry the Octopus from The Wiggles is our 2-year-old daughters’ favourite character (she even got to meet him at Dreamworld and of her own accord gave him a kiss goodbye!). So when my husband and I started organizing her party we knew what the kid cake had to be. For amateurs it was very challenging but as you can see the result was perfect and she loved it!

We started with a Wiggles colouring book and enlarged Henry to 600mm x 600mm. We then cut his head, body, arms (left and right), and legs – so we ended up with 5 templates. I then found a rectangle cake tin large enough to fit the shapes and made 4 butter cakes (over a week – freezing a couple) from a recipe in a birthday kid cake book (the size of the tin meant I had to multiply the recipe by 3 to get a thick enough cake).

Henry the Octopus Kid Cake

The night before the party we put the paper templates over each cake and cut them out (take care to cut straight down and not on an angle). We then started icing with butter cream (again a recipe found in the birthday kid cake book). I had bought the gel food colouring from a cake decorating shop. As this allows you to use less and get the bright colours you need.

We piped most of the icing on – especially the checker pattern. We spread his head on and then used the roll out (sugar icing) for his feet and then cut out bow tie, mouth, and eyes.

It was a huge job but oh so worth it to see her face!

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Cake by Theresa V., Ayer

Henry the Octopus Kid Cake

For this Henry the Octopus kid cake I used the Wilton 16-inch square pan. I found a picture of Henry and enlarged it.

Using piping gel, I traced the outline. I covered the photo with clear contact paper before I laid it on the cake so that not all the frosting would come off.

The rest of Henry I drew freehand. Starting with the eyes, mouth and hat, I used the star tip to draw the yellow lines first then tried to fill in the plaid colors around.

My son is 3 and his first reaction to the cake when I was taking the picture is “It’s beautiful”. It was fun.