I made this snake birthday cake for my 5 year old’s birthday party.  It was a huge hit!

King Cobra Snake Cake Details

  • I used 2 bundt cakes and cut them into pieces to shape the body of the snake.
  • The head and tail were made with Rice Krispy treats.
  • The head was a bit of a challenge.  It became pretty heavy because of the additional amount of Rice Krispy treats needed to make the hood on the snake.  I had to use 2 wooden skewers to prop the head up.  This actually ended up working out great because the skewer tips poked through at the right place and looked like fangs!
  • I cut up a red Fruit Roll-Up to make the tongue and I used brown M&Ms for the eyes.
  • I iced the cake in two shades of blue frosting, using the daker blue for the head and stripes.
  • The snake was placed in a grass setting and it stretched across almost half of the table.