Land/Water Mario Themed Cake

A co-worker wanted a Mario themed cake for her 8 year old son. She said the magic words, SURPRISE ME! So, for this cake my imagination could finally be let loose!

Mario Themed Cake Instructions

  • I had extra fondant left over (Michelle fosters fondant recipe- you can find it on Google).
  •  I made the fondant Mario ( looked on you tube how to make it) about 2 days before the cake needed to be done. I initially wanted to have him standing but he was too top heavy, so plan B was to have him standing inside something.
  • I used an ice cream cone covered in green icing, and then covered it in green fondant.
  • The mushrooms were made from fondant covered cupcakes.
  • The fish, jelly fish, and coins were all made from fondant.
  • Everything else was covered in buttercream.
  • I had a chunk of cake leftover and used that little square just to add a little height.

I wanted to have it be a land cake with an old school under the sea theme, but I didn’t find anything online for cakes with that theme, so I went online, printed pictures out, and created a design.  

My friend was so pleased, and her son absolutely loved his cake. It was so fun to make!

Land/Water Mario Themed Cake

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