Last Minute Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my granddaughters 9th birthday, my son called me at the last minute. He ask me if I could make a hello kitty cake for his daughter, and to top it off he wanted a 3 tier cake. I did not have very much at home to work with, so I decided to use the fondant that I had and make it work. I was pushed for time and they lived an hour away. My daughter and her little boys, (the cousins of the birthday girl) rolled the balls out of fondant while she made the flowers and stars, I was putting the cake together.

I was so afraid that it was not going to look good, but it was nice once we finished, or at least I thought so. It was not my best but I got many compliments on it. We were late for the party but it worked out, my granddaughter was happy.


This cake is a yellow cake with butter cream frosting. I baked the layers and let them cool before icing them. While they were cooling I started making the icing, and my helper rolled little colored balls out of fondant. The flowers were cut out with the Wilton flower cutters. I crumb coated the cake with light icing and refrigerated the layers for about 5 minutes because I was pushing for time. I removed the layers from the refrigerator and put the coats of icing on  them. I let the layers crust and then I began to smooth the butter cream, after I smoothed them I stacked them and decorated the cake.

The Hello Kitty images, I printed with my edible image printer and the layers were topped with a Hello Kitty candle that I bought.