Lego Star Wars Hot Tub Cake

My son is a Lego Star Wars fanatic. I was not surprised that he wanted a Star Wars themed cake but I had no idea that he would ask for Lego star wars figures sitting in his grandpa’s HOT TUB! He took his time deciding on which characters he wanted to have on the cake. I tried to nudge him towards some simpler figures like Jowas (black face that you can’t make out under a hood) but he would have none of that.  He said I needed some challenge!  lol – kids. He decided on 4 and then last minute couldn’t live without one more, that’s why one is kinda crowded in the front.

I molded all of the characters out of fondant (we call it mommy play-doh around here). Some of the tricks I used was to cut Luke’s hair with scissors and use thinned out food coloring to paint on  details, like the faces etc.

The deck was made out of a 10×10 square pan which I then covered in fondant, distressed and painted with brown food coloring. The hot tub was made out of a 7 x 7 square pan, covered in fondant. I then used a ruler to create the lines in the hot tub and again used a paint brush to color it with brown food coloring. If you dab a little full strength food coloring in places,  and then paint all over with diluted food coloring you get a cool wood grained look.

I carved out the top of the hot tub so it would be lower than the top of the cake, cut out a length of teal fondant and covered the upper edges. I used colored butter cream as the water and ploped the fondant figures into it.

My son and his friends loved the cake. I am not a professional baker and have 3 small kids.  The house gets turned upside down while I am working on a cake. But I think it is worth my son seeing how much time I am willing to spend on him to make his wishes come true. And, it feels really good to accomplish something that I thought I would not be able to pull off.


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