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Life-Sized Policeman Birthday Cake

I made this Policeman birthday cake for my oldest son for his 7th birthday.  I enjoy baking our cakes for every holiday. It wasn’t easy trying to figure out what I was going to make at first but the idea of making the life size police man was brilliant.

Once I put my mind to it everything goes smoothly.  The worst part was trying to make the perfect color for the shirt. Best part of it all was to see the joy in my son face when I was finished. I made 3 flavors of cake: chocolate, yellow and strawberry.  I used the chocolate for the legs. Yellow for the head and the arms. Strawberry for the body and the feet. I used black fondant for the handcuffs and other gadgets. Then I dusted them with silver dust. I got the party police tape from dollar tree. I use aluminum foil underneath the cake. I baked all the cakes in a small aluminum pan 9×13 then carved everything by hand with a carving knife. for the picture I took it to Walgreens and printed the picture from my phone. Picture size is 8×10.

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