Coolest Little Einsteins Cake

For my daughter’s first birthday I made her this Little Einsteins cake. On the Disney website you can get coloring pages for the characters and decide which you want for your own Little Einsteins cakes. I traced their outlines onto wafer paper (available on-line or at cake decorating supply shops) with a non-toxic marker.

Next using a painter’s pallet with separate wells I mixed the colors that I would need for each character with piping gel and icing coloring. I used a paint brush to color each character in. You can do this a few days in advance. Store the cake at room temperature.

I made a 1/2 sheet marble cake, frosted it with almond decorator’s frosting and sprayed it lightly with Wilton’s blue cake spray to look like the sky. I used a star tip to pipe a reverse shell top border and a shell bottom border. Next I figured out the placement using the original cutout characters. I then painted the back of each of the piping gel characters with clear piping gel and replaced it with the paper cutout on the cake.

I purchased the Red “Happy Birthday” sign from a craft store in the cake decorating aisle. It flashes and plays the Happy Birthday tune. I placed it behind Rocket and used a #3 tip to draw a wavy line connecting them as if it were a banner.

This Little Einsteins cake was a definitely a big hit which made worth all of the hard work I put into it!