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Coolest Little Girl’s Mad Hatter Teacup Ride

A lady messaged me and asked if I could do a Mad Hatter Teacup ride for her 6 yr old daughter’s birthday, she had just came back from Disney and loved the ride. I said I’d try but since I haven’t  been to Disney I had to look it up to see what it looked like. MMMMM I thought I can do that. So first I made Michelles fondant taste great. Then I colored it to the colors I needed.

Next I made all the cups from fondant and cut the door out. Then I made the seats and the spinning wheel. I had to let that dry then measure how big of a figure I had to make to fit in them, and made the figures.  I let them dry in the seats.  Then came the hard part,  the teapot with the mouse coming out with the top on his head.  After I made the teapot and let it dry. It took 1 1/2 days then I made the mouse and lid and stuck him inside and glued the lid on top, didn’t turn out to bad.

The day before they came to pick it up I made a 10inch fudge marble square cake with orange icing and let them firm up in the fridge for 6 hours then put it all together. I then made a few fondant decorations to go around the sides of the cake and also took wooden skewers and spray painted them with edible paint. I put them around the cake and then printed a few pictures of Mickey, Alice, and the Mad Hatter and cut them out and glued them to a toothpick and stuck them around the cake.

When the lady came to get the cake she was so surprised of how it came out and said it was beautiful and her daughter will love it. She called later that day and said her daughter loved it so much she told them they  couldn’t cut it, she wanted to keep it forever. Finally they talked her into it and told her she could keep the fondant figures and cups and all on her dresser.  They said they all loved the cake it tasted good and was so moist.

And that’s it.

Coolest Little Girl's Mad Hatter Teacup Ride