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Little Pet Shop Toys Cake

This Little Pet Shop Toys cake was my daughters 7th birthday cake. I made this cake from two homemade pound cake recipes. I used real Pet Shop characters as decorations. The icing was made from shortening, very sweet.

I used graham crackers to make the Pet Shop house. I assembled it like a gingerbread house. I made a lake from icing and used plastic toy rocks and trees for accents.

It took three hours to assemble.

3 thoughts on “Little Pet Shop Toys Cake”

  1. Aww! That is so cute! That was so sweet of you to do that for your daughter! I’m sure that was a very special day for her!

    PS: That was very creative of you! Especially to make the Gingerbread house out of Graham crackers and to decorate it with those candies!

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