Little Purse Cakes

I was just sitting home one Saturday and decided to try making purse cakes. I remembered a YouTube site I had seen and decided to make my own. I baked a 6 inch round cake layer and cut it in half shaping it the way I wanted the hand bag to be. I iced each one with butter cream and covered them with fondant icing. It was a little hard at first but it all came together. The handles are fondant also.

You make them and glue them to the purse with gum paste glue which is a little piece of gum paste mix with a little water to make a glue. What ever color you want your cake just color your fondant first. Enjoy making your handbags, I did,shaping them was fun. The more I shape the ideas were just coming to me how to design them. After the cakes are complete put them on cake rounds to get firm.

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