Littlest Pet Shoppe Cake for a 5 -Year Old Girl

My grand-daughter wanted a ” Littlest Pet Shoppe Cake” for her 5th birthday.  For a gift she wanted certain pets to add to her collection.  I always make the family birthday cakes, so decided to”WOW” her with a 3 tier cake, adding the pets she wanted for her collection.  Pink is her favorite color, so I knew it had to be pink.  I had never made a tier cake, so it was a first for me.  I do like challenges though.

I made 3 chocolate cakes, split them,  filled them with raspberry filling, then frosted each cake with butter cream.  A coat of glaze was added to each cake ( to act like glue for fondant),  then pink fondant was put over all.  I used white fondant and gradually added food color to get the pink I wanted.  Letters were cut from fondant.  The hardest part was making the 3 tiers.  Since I had never done this, I wanted to be sure it came out straight and didn’t squish when I hammered the  dowels in.  Wooden dowels were used and cardboard circles to make the support.  I held my breath as I hammered the wooden dowels in.

It  took me 8 hours from start to finish.  It was well worth the time.  My grand-daughter was thrilled.  If I’m allowed to send  more of my cakes in that I’ve done, I will.  I have always made cakes for my children and now my grand children and co-workers.  I have never made cakes for money.  I take my time and get enjoyment because I’m putting a smile on a loved ones  face.  I always make my own cake, frosting, filling, etc. from recipes I’ve collected.  I never use box cake, and never can frosting.  I want to be sure it taste good.  It would be disappointing if it tasted yucky after all the work.