Lovely Gift Box Cake

My cousin requested a fantasy cake for her birthday party, so I made this lovely Gift Box cake as her birthday gift.  The cake is two plain sheet cakes stacked together. The real work is in the decorations! You need to plan this several days ahead.

The bow is made by first cutting and pinching together some fondant loops. Let them set for at least 4 hours, one day is better.

I made the ribbon curls by wrapping some thinly cut fondant around a (clean) pencil and gently pulling it out. Make as many as you like! The gift tag is also fondant and the name is written in edible marker I got at Walmart. Once the loops have set, assemble the bow by melting some candy melts in the same color as the fondant and placing a dollop in the middle of some parchment paper. Make a first layer of loops in a circle, placing some on the side. Stack 2 more layers this way, adding more candy melt “glue” as needed. For more info, there are some great online tutorials. Let everything set for at least one day or it will droop.

When ready to assemble, I frosted the cake first. I then cut some fondant ribbon out and laid it across the cake. Don’t overlap the pieces, but rather place 3: one across the middle and 2 off either side of the center. Add some melted candy melts to stick on the bow. The ribbon curls and gift tag are added last, using candy melt “glue” as needed. My cousin loved it and it was the talk of the party!