Coolest Homemade Luau Cake

I made this Luau cake for my daughter’s second birthday – a Luau Party. A large rectangular cake ( I used Funfetti) and large cupcake, top cut off to make island, were first very lightly iced with cream cheese frosting.

I then used blue food coloring to tint the icing to make water, it looks the best when you don’t completely mix it in so you have a little white as well as lighter and darker blue. The sand was made from crushed Nilla wafers and used a strainer to sprinkle heavily on the cake. If you try to sprinkle it with your fingers it will clump up.

I added gummy clown fish and a couple of gummy sharks circling the island. Try to have a least as many fish as you have kids at your party because they’ll all want one! The tiki hut and palm trees are from a Pirate play set that I purchased from the dollar store. Everyone loved it and I was proud of myself for making it instead of purchasing it!