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Magic Carpet With Camel Cake

When my next door neighbor asked me for a Camel cake for her daughters 12th birthday, I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about it.  The magic carpet part was easy, I just baked a sheet cake and crumb coated it with butter cream icing and then I used fondant for the blankets and the accent. That was the fun and easy part.

For the camel, I have a silicone egg shaped pan (two halves), I used one half for the body and the other to sculpt out the legs and neck and head. The tricky part was getting the head to stay up. It stayed when there was just cake, I used a small toothpick to hold it up, but once the icing was added, it got heavy and in the end I used a larger wooden skewer to hold the head to the body.

The “fur” is butter cream icing that I just put in a decorator bag with a medium star tip and then squeezed close to the body of the cake and pulled away briskly to give the look of fur. I used mini M&M’s for the eyes and nose and fondant for the harness and blanket on top.

The cake was a great success! I was so pleased with the outcome, it has become one of my most favorite cakes I have made.