Magical Tinkerbell Doll Cake

I made this Tinkerbell doll cake for little Maddy. I am her great aunt and we were at her cousin Ada’s party (the same age – Ada and Maddy’s dads are identical twins). She didn’t get a birthday party for her 3rd birthday and with those big brown sad eyes she wanted to know why she didn’t get to have a  birthday party.

The reason? Her parents decided that they would just have grandparents over and have a cake, but no party. From that point forward I knew I would always help her get her birthday cakes and party.

For ONE year, every time I saw her, she wanted to make sure I was making her cake.

I made reservations for a vacation forgetting when that birthday was. Then, all of a sudden I remembered her birthday was going to be on the weekend I planned to be in Utah instead of Illinois. When I realized the date conflict I cancelled the trip.

Long story short, I showed up at Maddy’s party with the Tinkerbell doll cake I made for her. She was so happy all dressed up like Tinkerbell.

Ada was there too. Ada now has her 4th birthday coming up and guess what!?! … another Tinkerbell birthday cake is being made today.