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Magnificent Minion Birthday Cake

I’m Molly Ross and I’m 14 years old. This Minion birthday cake means a lot to me and will always be a very important part of my life, even if it’s all gone now.

Before this cake I loved baking, but wasn’t very confident. I would only bake for my mum, dad and brother, but never anyone else. At this time I had untreated hypothyroidism which can cause depression. I was beginning to head down that path, however, my best friend, Hannah, had her brother’s birthday coming up and she had to organize it for guides or something. She knew I enjoyed baking and she asked me to make the cake.

This was the biggest push I had to start this project as she had never seen or tasted anything I baked, but she was trusting me to bake her brother’s birthday cake. This meant a lot to me.

I originally designed a 2D minion cake with a plain sponge cake inside, but as I got more into the project and tested new combinations of cake together, I thought I could do better than 2D. So, I drew bigger and better designs and wrote out multiple different recipes.

Finally, I tested dark chocolate cake sandwiched to plain sponge with buttercream and white chocolate buttons. This was the one, although I couldn’t taste it (born with no sense of smell or taste), I knew it was the one when I saw the look on my mum and dad’s faces as they took their first bite… pure heaven.

Minion Birthday Cake Instructions

  • Two days before the birthday I began to bake the cake. First I baked two separate plain sponges and left them to cool, that was pretty easy and simple.
  • The 4 separate chocolate cakes were a harder job because I wasn’t very knowledgeable. I thought I would do all the chocolate mixture at once and then split it into 4 – bad idea. I ended up breaking the mixer and making a huge mess, but once I got them out the oven I was so happy. They looked perfect.
  • The next day I stacked the cakes, filling the layers with buttercream and white chocolate buttons. It looked good.

The hardest part was covering the whole cake with yellow icing. With the dog jumping up to try and get some and me trying to roll it out as thin as possible, it was so hard.

Anyway, when the cake was finally finished I was so proud of myself and my family was too. That was the most amazing feeling in the world.

I took it over in a huge box and Hannah’s family was so impressed. Her mother was speechless and Hannah’s brother was amazed. All his little friends were asking me how I did it and telling me how great it was. That’s was the best thing ever.

Hypothyroidism takes 6 weeks for the medication to take effect and this cake really helped get through that time period. I know it may sound silly, but making, creating, and designing that cake helped me more than any professional or doctor could. It gave me a purpose and hope.

Now I know that I can be a proper baker and have a successful future.  Thank you for letting me tell my story.

Magnificent Minion Birthday Cake