Cool Mario-Themed Cake for 6-Year-Old Boy

I made 2, 13×9 in cakes, both were box mixes of vanilla/white flavor. I used 2 cans of frosting and food coloring drops we found in the seasonings section of the grocery store. I used regular ice cream cones for the “tunnels”. I ordered from the Mario figures – it was a 16 count for I think $8.

I used large marshmallows for the clouds, smashed yellow Starburts for the stars, pieces of solid Hersey chocolate for the question mark boxes. Circus Peanuts for the “coins”. Strawberries for the “fly trap plant” coming out of the cone “tunnels”.

On the inside of the mix we used food coloring to make one layer red and the other layer blue (like Mario’s outfit). Green food color for the top part of frosting on cake, Sky blue for the rest/sides of the cake.

To get the ice cream cones green we used green colored frosting, frosted them and then sprinkled green sugar glitter over them. Then filled them with more green frosting and stuck the strawberries in them and make polka dots of white on the strawberry to simulate the fly trap plant that pops out of it like in the game.

The kids all loved it! Fun day.

Cool Mario-Themed Cake for 6-Year-Old Boy