My husband and I decided to try our hand at marshmallow fondant, so for our son’s 2nd birthday we rolled up our sleeves and dove in.  And what better character to start with than SPONGEBOB!  We stayed up until 3am perfecting our masterpiece and are still shocked at how well we did.  Maybe in another life we will open a cake shop… or perhaps when the kids are grown and we can stay up until 3am without consequence.

Either way, we not only created a great cake, but also a new tradition.  Every year the kids now expect us to make elaborate cakes for their parties.  The hubs and I always have fun and make a date night of it (snacks, caffeinated drinks, and music).  In the morning the boys wake up and see something that mom and dad made together for them, it is pretty cool!  The downside, we can’t get lazy and make a normal cake ever again.  But the smiles on their faces and the memories far outweigh the long nights and messy kitchen so we’ll do it until they think we’re not cool anymore.