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Micah’s Superhero Spiderman 4th Birthday Cake

This Superhero Spiderman cake was done for Micha’s 4th birthday. I really enjoy doing cakes and this one was a lot more work that most. The cake is 3 layers, all covered in fondant. I make my own fondant because everyone says it tastes so good. The bottom layer of the cake is 12″ covered in red fondant. The second layer is 8″ covered in blue fondant and the top is a 6″ square cake with a smaller top all covered in gray fondant .

The “windows” on the top layer and the “buildings” on the second layer are all cut from sugar sheets. Each yellow “light” on the buildings, the name and the stars were also cut from yellow sugar sheets. The yellow “moon” behind the number 4 candle on top is fondant. The Spiderman figures are plastic. The birthday boy wanted them on the cake, so we sanitized them in the dishwasher to make sure they were clean. The spider web on the bottom layer is white butter cream piped on. The shortening in the icing seeped into the black paper on the board and gave it a shadow effect.

The second layer was added and decorated.  The top layer is a bit crooked because I had trouble with humidity and my fondant. The blue “roof” on the top layer is made from fondant and I used toothpicks to hold the layers in place until they dried, then removed the toothpicks. The spider on front is cut from black paper because we just ran out of time.

I see a lot of things I would do differently next time, but Micah was ecstatic when he saw the cake and it went over really well. I think the best part of the whole process was seeing Micah’s eyes light up when he saw it.

Micah's Superhero Spiderman 4th Birthday Cake

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