My Leopard has the Blue’s Sweet 16 Cake

This is a three tier “Sweet 16″ red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.  This was a simple cake.  For the leopard print, I painted on icing with a paint brush. Then I piped black icing around all the irregular spots. I also put black icing in areas all over the cake. Each tier has its own platform.

I placed 4 pieces of straws in the center evenly placed. Then I sat each tier on top of the other. It was a very sturdy cake. Everything on the cake is icing that I smoothed out and tinted with different gel colors. The young lady I baked this cake for really liked it and said it was delicious. My kids also said that the cake was very good.  The only thing that I didn’t like was the cream cheese icing. It was homemade and it had to be chilled at all times or the decor would melt.

This cake couldn’t sit out.  I hope you enjoy!