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Cool Homemade My Little Pony Cake and Cake Template

My daughters wanted My Little Pony cakes for their birthdays (plus one to bring to kindergarten) and I had neither a Wilton cake pan (live in Germany so couldn’t go out and just buy one!) nor was I crazy about the bowl-pony cakes I saw on this website. So decided to design my own pony cake pattern using a normal 9×13 baking pan which I do have.

Here’s the My Little Pony cake template that I used.

Helpful tip for decorating:

After cutting cooled cake, put pieces in freezer for at least 30mins so that edges won’t crumble and frosting knife won’t be “crummy” (also room-temp frosting spreads more easily than fridge-temp!)


You don’t have to be an artist: The decorating got better with each cake, although simple deco probably just fine if doing a “horse” cake (vs. a “My Little Pony” cake).

My first attempt at this My Little Pony cake was very simple (spent more time figuring out to cut and assemble the cake rather than on the deco!) Did just one color frosting for face and mane. “Painted” mouth, nose and hair on mane using chocolate frosting.

Finishing touches:

a couple store-bought icing-flowers and a gum-drop eye (note: if could do again, would at least make eye bigger by rolling-pin smushing gum-drop to larger form if not, as with other cakes, “painting” eye with frosting = better/looks nicer!).

2nd & 3rd versions of cake:

Used different colors for face and mane. On one “painted” 2-tone “hair” on mane before sticking on store-bought icing-flowers. On other used sprinkles instead of flowers for a change. Like larger eye on yellow (3rd) pony – “practice makes perfect!”

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  1. I need a Pony cake for my daughter’s birthday, but I can’t afford what people charge for the old Wilton pan. I think I can manage yours, though I’ve never done this before. Thanks!


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