Cool Homemade Smiling Nemo Cake

My daughter loves fish so for her 2nd birthday we decided to go with the Finding Nemo theme. I was debating whether or not to get a store bought cake, but instead I decided to make her a Nemo Cake myself. This is the first cake I have attempted to make myself and I love the idea of cupcake cakes and I thought it would be easier for a beginner so I made this cake out of cupcakes.

I printed out a picture of Nemo and used it to arrange my cupcakes like a fish. I baked the extra cake batter in a small loaf pans to help with the small fins. I used white whipped frosting and sprayed Nemo orange with food coloring spray. I filled in all the white spots on Nemo and then outlined everything with black gel icing. Three cupcakes were iced with blue icing to form bubbles and placed to the side of Nemo.

I used flaked coconut and dyed it with blue food coloring just to lay around the base of the cupcakes to help give more dimension to the cupcakes.

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