No Such Thing As A Gruffalo Cake

I asked my daughter what kind of cake she wanted for her 3rd birthday. When her answer was a Gruffalo cake, my eyeballs nearly popped clear from my skull.

I had become proficient in sculpting characters like Mini Mouse, Cookie Monster, and Elmo, but a Gruffalo was extremely detailed as described by the book, down to the purple prickles all over his back.

Making the Gruffalo Cake

  • The first thing I did was sculpt the Gruffalo’s head out of Rice Krispie treats, bringing up the story on Netflix for reference. Once I was certain I could do it, I decided to do a scene with the mouse looking up at the Gruffalo and the Gruffalo down at the mouse.
  • I made the purple prickles on his back by taking the ends of toothpicks and placing them on his back and wrapping them in little spikes of purple fondant.
  • I wanted the cake to be a tree trunk and decided to make the forest floor out of light and dark sugar to look like dirt.
  • The cake layers were strawberry and vanilla almond white cake .
  • I filled it with a strawberry compote and and a salt caramel I made with coconut cream to avoid milk for my daughters allergy.

I was tickled to find everything was falling into place. This cake was the coolest I have done so far.

Everyone loved it.