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Adorably Awesome 3D Paw Patrol Cake

I work full time in an office and part time in a bakery, but when my little girl asked for a “pupcake” instead of cupcake, I made sure this Paw Patrol cake would be something to remember.

In order to bake the cake, I used 8 inch round chocolate cake. Then, I layered it with butter cream and raspberry filling.

The Head

The head was formed out of rice cereal treats and then covered in 2 layers of fondant in order to prevent tearing. I used smaller cookie cutters for the eyes and carved the mouth using my morning tools.

Fondant Details

I hand cut the spots, since the actual character has smoke cloud shaped spots. Then, in order to attach the detailed pieces, I used a paint brush and water. In addition, the legs, tail, collar and pup tag were made by hand out of fondant as well.

Paw Patrol Cake Conclusions

My daughter said it was perfect! Also, I added one of her red birthday hats as a finishing touch.

I managed to shop for materials and bake her cake the night before and did all the decorating the day of her party. I wish I had more time for details, but I’m happy with the end result. The only downside was explaining to my 3 year old that the cake is meant to eat, not to keep.